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Brand Information

Bulgari-family happiness only because of the health of the family, caring for the health of the family, and related to the home environment

Jianye Group senior leaders visited Dongbao

Passionate June is passionate like fire, the roadside shade trees are lush, cicadas sing in unison, they seem to be boasting their season.

In June, the senior leaders of Jianye Group visited our company for investigation and research, accompanied by Liu Li Yang, general manager of Puyang Dongbao Technology Development Company Limited, Qiao Guohua manager and other executives.

First of all, the senior leaders of Jianye Group came to the production workshop of Dongbao Door under the guidance of the staff, and visited the production process of Baogerun indoor health doors. After observing a complete set of process from raw materials to finished products, and witnessing the strict control of raw materials and high standard of production equipment, the leaders of Jianye Group expressed their high affirmation of the advanced production equipment and process technology of Baoge Run interior doors.

Then visited the company's 2400m2 group exhibition hall, during the visit, Jianye leaders and senior management have given full affirmation to Baogrun interior doors, and hope to establish long-term good strategic cooperation in the future.

4.15-4.19 Bulgarun interior doors and you meet the 125th Canton Fair

The 125th Canton Fair booth: 9.1I43 Baogerun environmental protection interior doors are always committed to product environmental protection lower than the national standard, and continue to research and development of new products abroad, this Canton Fair Baogerun environmental protection interior doors will bring the latest research and development of product styles and black technology product features to international customers to show China's wood plastic technology and wood plastic products, now we sincerely invite customers to the exhibition to discuss cooperation.

Dongbao Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Shanhai Bay Group deep cooperation!

On April 23, Mr. Liu Li Yang, executive general manager of the company, Ms. Ji Xiaoming, deputy director of marketing, and his party received Mr. Wang Dong, chairman of Shanhaiwan Group in Zhengzhou, who expressed his full affirmation of the product quality and service of Dongbao Baoge Run, and both sides expressed their affirmation on the achievements made since the cooperation in recent years, and reached an agreement on the next step of cooperation.

Family members of Bulgarian model workers enjoy a trip to Beijing!

In order to thank the hard work of the model workers in the development of the enterprise, but also to thank the support of the model workers' families to the work of the staff, to inspire the model workers to cherish the honor, continue to work hard and create good results again. Recently, Bao Ge Run interior doors organized a tour for the families of the model workers to Beijing, the capital.