Brand Building

Brand Building

Bulgari-family happiness only because of the health of the family, caring for the health of the family, and related to the home environment

Feb, 2005  Contact with German companies and start of project development

Jun,2010  Successful research and development, officially established

Nov,2010  Nationwide investment started, and the first store was located in Beijing

Feb, 2011  There were 87 stores nationwide

Dec, 2011   There were 170 specialty stores nationwide

Mar, 2012  Drafted the National Industry Standard

December, 2012 Products passed the national quality management system certification; products passed the CMA test

Jun, 2013  Strategic cooperation with Shanhaiwan Real Estate

September, 2013  The number of specialty stores nationwide exceeded 300

October, 2013  Sales exceeded 55 million

May, 2014  Wood Plastic Research Centre settled

July, 2014  Rujia Hotel reached strategic cooperation; the second-generation product was successfully upgraded; the brand was repositioned

October, 2014  Our company won the "National High-tech Enterprise"

Feb, 2015  Our company has accumulated 60 national patents

December, 2015  "Post-doctoral R&D Base" was established

May, 2016  The number of specialty stores nationwide exceeded 500; our company reached a strategic cooperation with Greenhouse

Jun, 2017  Products entered the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other markets

2021  Strategy upgraded, products upgraded to the three-generation;

national cooperative customers reached 1386;

the number of real estate, hotel, and engineering cooperative customers has reached 98;

global cooperation has covered 20 countries