Business Cooperation

Business Cooperation

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Six standards

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Selection criteria: source guarantee

Material selection: source guarantee

Protect Green interior door has strict requirements on material selection, selects natural wood powder and natural resin, ensures green source, and provides consumers with high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials. 

Production standard: Seiko

Production standard: Precise production

Protect Green interior door adopts domestic advanced production equipment, goes through sophisticated and complex numerical control technology, completes the most important production link of the product, and then goes through the process of quality inspection, packaging and proofreading before entering the finished product warehouse. 

Inspection criteria: regular steps

Inspection criteria: regular steps

Before leaving the factory, Protect Green interior doors must go through multiple inspection links, and implement strict self-inspection and mutual inspection in accordance with relevant quality standards. 

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R & D standards: leading the way

R & D standards: leading the way

In addition to strict requirements for material selection, Protect Green interior doors also adopt standardized processes in their research and development process. Our company has always stood at the forefront of the industry and led the new fashion of the industry.

Service Standard: Five Heart Service

Service Standard: Five-Heart Service

rotect Green indoor regards five-heart service as the characteristic of brand management, and launches the characteristic service of "integrity, enthusiasm, caring, love, and heart" to bring professional service experience to consumers.

Specification: Parts production

Specification: Parts production

Protect Green interior doors implement component-based production mode, and special module sizes can meet the needs of personalized decoration.

Protect Green Store Agent

What you should have

1. Identify with the company's business philosophy and have a strong brand awareness and modern marketing concept.
2. Have a company-approved business site, and strictly in accordance with the company's construction plans for decoration.
3. Store agents must be in accordance with the company's product mix requirements all operating company products, not operating other third-party products.
4. Obey the company's management, the strict implementation of the company's marketing policies, and do a good job of marketing and promotion.
5. Have strong economic strength, good business reputation and broad network.

Seven advantages of joining

Heartbeat is not as good as Bulgari 2022 investment joining is in progress

High store decoration subsidy

High decoration subsidy

Company will provide corresponding amount of rebate support according to the actual decoration area of the store

Personnel training support

Personnel training support

or new partners, company will conduct a professional training, including the combination of basic knowledge and professional knowledge, and enjoy the actual internal training in business development organized by company

Engineering Project Support

Engineering project support

Provide technical guidance support for engineering bidding documents and special price products

High sales incentive policy

High sales incentive policy

According to the proportion of completion of year-end sales tasks, company will give different proportion of sales rebates

Sample Door Support

Sample door support

You can enjoy different discounts on the sample according to the decoration area of the store, and the sample door fee will be fully refunded after completing the annual task

Opening Promotion Support

Opening promotion support

Company provides overall promotion plan, planning support, design support of various promotional materials for sales activities, and support of on-site personnel for sales activities

Advertising Support

Advertising support

Company will provide corresponding advertising expense support according to the advertising effect